What I like about weddings is that they are each so very different from each other - different personalities, different venues, different weather, different family dynamics - this keeps me sharp and allows me to practice quick thinking (or rather photographing) on my feet. What I bring to each wedding though, no matter how different, is my easy going, calm nature; my intent to make beautiful photographs; my seemingly never-ending drive to keep evolving my craft and my art.  I am easy going and calm, yet I am focused and work hard.  What is important for me is that you enjoy your wedding day - let me handle the photographs - and no matter what, I know that we will make wonderful memories from the day in which you have chosen to celebrate your love.  

I thought of something once - that the body is a vessel that takes the heart from place to place - this is how I view your love.  This is how I want to photograph your wedding.


My name is Richard.  I make photographs.  We can do that together.