Every wedding is different - so many different personalities, different venues, different weather, different family dynamics, different expressions of love.  I never really know what to expect, which I like because it keeps me on my toes.  Today's wedding was full of energy - a lot of moving parts and people - which can be challenging when trying to get the perfect photographs of the couple.  It is nice to have a few minutes alone with the bride and groom - away from the distractions of friends and family, away from the buzz of the wedding excitement.  I was worried that wouldn't happen today but luckily as sunset was creeping in I asked the couple if they would like to sneak away for a few moments.  We found a tower at Villa Antonia, high above the party.  As the sun was setting the wind gave us a gentle, cool breeze and the heat of the day calmed everyone.  It was sweet to photograph Tamara and Grant up high in the sky - as she nuzzled him, as they danced with the breeze, as the fading light cast sweet shadows on their faces - we found our peaceful, quiet moments.  These were my favorite photographs of the day. There is at least one moment in every wedding  - always different - that reminds me of why I love to photograph love.  And today, it was high in the sky of the fading Texas day as I watched two lovers quietly embrace.