The Sanchez-Jones wedding Comfort, TX


An easy going, sweet day.  Felicia the bride was so gracious - after being so composed all morning it was cute to see her get nervous right before leaving the bridal suite to walk down the aisle - so I reminded her to breathe deeply.  And to see her father cry during their first look - it reminded me of the love a father shares with a daughter.  Byron the groom did a wonderful job wrangling his 10 groomsmen for pictures and accepting their razzing with a smile.  It was easy to see the love and respect that the bride and the groom had for each other as well as their family and friends.  I edited a number of these photos to give them a classic, old timey look - it felt right - the wedding was in the small Texas town of Comfort.  The people were kind.  The day was hot and the eyes had smiles in them.